Fun Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

By Sarah Pachev

Field trips with your homeschooled children is a refreshing venue for exploration and fun with the "real world". Here are a few ideas that my children have enjoyed.

  • Local university or college ideas:
    • Often the college or university will display artwork by Art majors that is free and delightful to see.
    • Check out to see if they have a planetarium on campus. Our univesity offers inexpensive shows to school groups(including homeschool groups)
    • Just take a tour of the campus and talk to your children about the different majors offered.
    • The student center may have games facilites open to the public. Ours has a game room and bowling.
    • Explore gardens or other lovely areas of the campus. Bring a picnic and see what plants you can identify.
    • Our university offers tours to visitors in a nice comfy golf cart with a tour guide and all!
    • Be brave and stop a student or two and ask them what fun things there are to see and do on campus.
  • Phone the local newspaper and ask if they give tours.
    • Our newspaper office is also a great place to get rolls of newsprint for dirt cheap. They sell the remants for close to nothing and this makes perfect paper for birthday signs, welcome home banners, homemade wrapping paper, and large art projet fun!!
  • The Mall is my kids favorite..I know I know...but there can be educational things there and you can let them play on the indoor playground.

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