Personalized Mug Craft

By Sarah Pachev

I was tired of doing crafts that would only last a few days or even weeks before I was ready to throw them away. I always feel bad and my kids always cry. I do keep some of their artwork but as many of you know you really can't keep everything. I hit upon the idea of letting them decorate the mugs we'd be using as our water mugs (you you don't have them using 10 cups a day just to get a drink of water now and then).

At first I bought ceramic mugs and ceramic paint that bakes on. Whoops...I have little children that are going to break these...we have to do plastic. So I found some plastic white mugs and tried to figure out a way to decorate them. I finally decided to just use permanent markers . Several brands come in a variety of colors that do not wash off in the dishwasher (they do fade a little bit...more in some colors than others)

My kids had a ball decorating and personalizing their mugs. I love to look at them and it will be a fun way to remember our fun craft day and I will not be throwing this art project away ever.  Also it is super easy to do. All you need is:

  • An assortment of different colors in permanent markers
  • plastic white mugs
I had my children do a pre-drawing to make sure they knew what design they wanted to permanently put on their water mug. My little boy went through two mugs before he got his right so maybe buy extra..they are cheap anyway.  I even got in on the fun and decorated my own mug. This is an easy, fun, cheap and practical craft...Enjoy!!

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