Running During Winter

By Sasha Pachev

Running during winter can be a challenge. Many runners, intimidated by cold weather, cut down their training significantly or even completely stop. I am writing this in hope you will not be one of them next winter. Some tips:

  • It is never too cold if you dress warm enough - I've run in as cold as -30F
  • The snow is never too deep - what do you think gives a moose so much strength?
  • Protect your extremities with double or triple layers of clothing
  • Find out exactly how many layers you need to feel comfortable but not excessively hot for several temperature ranges
  • Check the weather report before you leave and be prepared
  • Cover your chest more than you would your legs
  • Put on a hat with a face mask - gas station attendants may be concerned when you walk in for a bathroom break
  • The snow traction actually gets really good, close to regular asphalt road when it is really cold
  • Develop the airplane response instinct when you feel you are about to fall on ice
  • Adjust your pace expectation to the road conditions, just like when you are driving

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