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Thank you for visiting our running website. Here you will find tips on how to run faster, training advice, training calculators, and a training log. We hope what we have to share with you will give you extra motivation and some practical ideas on how you could become a better runner.

Running really "runs in the family" of Sasha and Sarah. Sasha is a competitive marathoner running 60-100 miles a week with a personal best of 2:24:47. He has been running since 1984 and so far (January 2006) has never missed more than 3 consecutive days of training. When they got married, Sarah tried to run with him. He was very surprised that she was having such a hard time running 8:30 mile pace that he thought she perhaps had a heart problem or some other runner-debilitating illness. She swam for a couple of years, but decided to return to running in 1999. She has run consistently ever since through her four pregnancies. Her best time on a 5 K is 24:19, and she has run a marathon in 4:44:28. Even the children run and continue improving. Their oldest son Benjamin has run a 5 K in 25:07, and a mile in 7:31 at the age of 6.

Being also a computer programmer, Sasha has created a couple of running tools that you may find useful. Are you looking for a Free Online Training Log? Give Sasha's log a try. Are you wondering if you could ever qualify for the Boston marathon? Sasha's calculator can give you an idea if you need to work on speed or endurance. Are you racing in Utah? Try Running Calculator/Utah Race Time Predictor. It estimates how fast you will run in a number of major Utah road races based on how fast you have run in one. It can also be used as a generic time predictor converting your performance from one distance to another. Unlike many similar tools it attempts to account for your level of conditioning based on your weekly mileage.

Sasha and Sarah have also written a few short articles about running sharing their knowledge and experience. Are you a beginner trying to find a way to train for a 5K? Are you looking for a training program to qualify for the Boston Marathon? Have you already qualified for Boston, and trying to reach a higher ground? How about breaking 2:30 in a marathon? Sasha has tips and ideas to share. Are you pregnant and wondering how you could still run? Sarah shares her experience about running pregnant. How about diet? A runner must eat healthy to reach his best. How do you cook for a runner that is running 90 miles a week, or is pregnant or nursing? Check out Sarah's Healthy Cooking section.

Online Running Tools

Running Log (has blogging capabilities)
Running Calculator/Utah Race Time Predictor
Boston Marathon Qualifying Time Chart and Predictor

Running Articles