Utah Race Time Predictor

This race time predictor estimates the times you are expected to run for most major road races in Utah based on your performance in a selected race. You can also use it for other races by entering a custom distance.

It works by estimating your endurance based on your weekly training mileage. If you leave the mileage field blank, it assumes you consistently run 70 miles a week.

The time predictor works according to a mathematical representation of my observations overtime. I have been running competitively since 1984, and regularly raced in Utah since 1997. In the process, I have observed many runners, and developed an intuition to know how fast they would run on a race course familiar to me based on how they trained and how they raced on other courses.

The race time predictor makes a number of assumptions that may not hold for your particular situation. For example, if your body is naturally light and your legs are naturally springy, you might be able to carry your 5K performace to a 10K running only 20 miles a week as well as the average runner doing 50 or even 70. On the other hand, if you are build like a football player and have very few slow twitch fibers, or if you naturally do not have very much spring in your legs, running 100 miles a week might not give you the endurance that the average runner training that hard would have developed.

I am looking forward to receiving your feedback on how the predictor worked for you. Please use the Contact Form to send me an e-mail.

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