AskSasha Linux and MySQL Consulting

Who is Sasha and why should I ask him?

Alexander "Sasha" Pachev has worked extensively with Linux since 1997 on corporate web servers, database servers, and desktops. Around that time he started working with the MySQL database which eventually led him to joining the MySQL Development Team in 2000. He wrote and maintained the MySQL replication module up until 2002. He authored MySQL Enterprise Solutions published by Wiley and Understanding MySQL Internals by O'Reilly . Sasha is notorious for finding quick and inexpensive solutions to difficult problems.

Sasha is also an elite marathon runner. This sport requires one to develop a great deal of discipline, persistence, and tenacity in order to succeed. Using the skills he acquired through over 20 years of consistent training he attacks computer problems with the fury, vigor, and vitality it takes to win a marathon.

Sasha's Tools And Utilities

  • Utah Race Time Predictor/Calculator
  • Training Blog For Runners
  • Loan Interest Calculator