Cardboard Box Train Craft

By Julia Pachev

Our 4 year old daughter Julia came up with this craft idea. I gave them some boxes to play with.(we just moved into a new house and boxes are in excess). She got some duct tape from the craft drawer in the kitchen and starting connecting the boxes by the flaps in back (and front). We connected three boxes this way added some artwork and made it into a train. The kids have loved it because they all have a place to sit and play like they are in a real train.

Here's what you need:


  • 3 or more carboard boxes any size large enough for a small child to fit in
  • duct tape
  • markers or crayons to decorate box

Simply tape the boxes together using the flaps on the front and backs of the boxes. We labeled the "cars" for the Engine, Cargo and Passengers to help the kids imagination while they played.

This an easy craft to do together...or my favorite...something they can do all by themselves.


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