Mom's Family Food Traditions

By Sarah Pachev

  • Black eyed peas on New's Years. My mom always told us we'd live a year for each one we ate.
  • Have a GroundHog's Day Dinner. You can serve whatever you like. Noone will know the difference anyway. We make GroundHog soup with vegetables....all from the ground.
  • Make heart shaped Valentine's Day Pancakes. They don't take much longer than normal pancakes.
  • For St. Patrick's Day my mom would surprise us with green milk by adding a few drops of food coloring to the morning milk supply.
  • My Grandmother celebrates this holiday by having a cornbeef and cabbage Irish dinner.
  • April Fool's Day is a fun day to play a trick. My friend once served meatloaf for dinner that night that was made out of chocolate rice crispee's molded into a meatloaf pan.
  • For this day of tricks my mom pulled out her food coloring again and made our milk some strange surprising color.
  • On Mother's Day the children always made breakfast in bed for Mom...she got a break and always raved about the scrambled eggs, toast and juice we served her.
  • For Independence Day try my Fourth of July Pancake recipe. It's healthy and delicious.
  • In the Fall have a pumpkin bake-off with friends and then get together and share your creations.

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