Personalized Growth Charts

By Sarah Pachev

A great way to teach children measurment in your home is to buy or make your own growth charts.
Children love to be measured and it will be a wonderful keepsake and memory of their childhood.
My aunt found stickers that she put up on the wall of laundry room. I don't know where they sell these but I think that is one good idea. I personally like painting so here is how I do it for my kids.

You will need:

  • a board (I bought a plywood board at Home Depot for 3.00) It measures approximately 2ft by 4 ft
    • note: You can use any size board for this or if you are brave and going to stay in your home for awhile just paint straight on the wall and make it into a mural
  • Paint(acrylic works for details and regular old enamel paint works for the background)
  • Pencil
  • Screws and a drill

Sit down with your child and decide on a theme for the growth chart to make it personal. I love to draw but you don't have to be an artist. If they like soccer draw a ball for goodness sake. Or even more fun...let your child do the artwork with you.

Paint the board with your background color of choice. Depending on the wood it may take a couple of coats. When that is dry in a day or two fill in the chart with the details. Do the measurement lines first so you know where you can draw pictures. Write your child's name on the chart and maybe add a cute phrase like "Watch Me Grow Up".

My four children Benjamin, Jenny, Julia and Joseph wanted (respectively) Superman, Care Bear, Cinderella and Bob the Builder Charts. (well Joseph is only two and doesn't know exactly what a growth chart is so I picked for him). So I will get a little more detailed than a soccer ball but I love to draw so this will be fun for me. We will hang them on the wall in our stairwell and fill up all that empty wall and make our house seem a little bit more like home.


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