Oats and Milk

By Sarah Pachev

The name pretty much says it all. This recipe was created by my miserly and health conscious husband while he was serving a mission for the LDS church in Salt Lake City. He would buy rolled oats in bulk and eat them with juice or yogurt...raw...no cooking and no mess.

  • raw rolled oats (just pour in however much you want in each bowl)
  • sweetner of your choice (try pure maple sryup, honey, agave,etc)
  • cinammon (optional)
  • anything else you think would taste good...fruits, nuts(optional)
  • milk (soy, rice, dairy, whatever you like best) 


So basically how you make this is pour some rolled oats in your bowl like any breakfast cereal and then pour milk and your favorite healthy sweetner on top.

We buy ours in 100 pound bags, transfer them to buckets in our storeroom and then a canister in the kitchen. This has got to be the cheapest healthy breakfast around.

For a very easy breakfast with my five small children I pour milk on the oats and sweeten them with a tiny bit of pure maple syrup. They love that creamy maple flavor with the oats and ask for seconds and thirds.

I told my friend about this recipe who also has 5 children and they have stopped eating boxed cereal almost completely.


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